Install, operate and maintain throughout the UK.

O&M (Operations and Maintenance)

We don’t just install solar, we help operate and maintain systems throughout the United Kingdom. We are one of the biggest providers of O&M services in the UK – we also maintain systems in Northern Ireland, Cornwall and Scotland.

Repairs and Inspections

Every year we undertake 1000s of repairs and inspections and provide market leading assessment and reporting.

We have many long-term contracts but also undertake one off audits and repairs if requested.

Tailored For You

Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers are known for finding a solution in even the most complicated circumstances.

Our approach to O&M contracting is different to other mainstream providers in that we can tailor a contract to reflect the needs of the client which is usually different in every case.

The Correct Approach

Whether it’s a proactive or reactive approach, long term or short term we are happy to discuss your requirements.

Soventix has many great references from a diverse range of clients, from the largest pension companies to individual roof owners.

To find out more contact our O&M department.

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