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Understanding our solar energy calculator.

Our solar calculator will not only give you a quote it will give you other outputs.

The size of the Solar System that will fit on your roof
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Quote a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) rate
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To get the best from our calculator you will need your monthly electricity costs and be able to roughly input the size of your roof.

We do not ask you to subscribe or create an account the quote is available online as soon as you complete the process.

If you then like what you see, simply input your email address and your quote will be emailed to you.

We are available during business hours to talk to you about refining a quote or to arrange for an engineer to do a site assessment and appraisal.

How Soventix Can Help

Solar PV installations and repairs for domestic, commercial and utility scale.

Provider of maintenance, management and development services.

Trading in profit for over a
Trusted by banks and
9000+ sites built and managed in the UK
Current pipeline
1,718 MW
quotations available

About Us

Soventix has been designing, installing and maintaining renewable energy systems since 2011. In this time we have installed systems varying in size from 12 to 160,000 panels, stretching across 3 continents and 11 countries.

To date we have built over 5000 UK solar installations for home owners, investors, and businesses. Alongside our installation services, we currently maintain over 8000 systems for London based Investment Funds and Pension Companies.

Soventix is based in London and installs nationwide, we fit Solar, Storage and EV chargers and provide the most cost-effective solution for our clients.

Our London based team has over 50 years of experience and we are trusted by Individuals, Local Authorities and Businesses alike.

We comply with all professional codes of practice and are ISO registered and properly insured.

Soventix UK is part of Soventix GMBH Global.

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